7 Rather Odd Questions For An Interview

Interviews can be nerve wrecking, for both the person being interviewed and the one interviewing.

The one being interviewed is being judged, analyzed and gauged against various parameters in a short span of time. The answers he gives will determine the outcome of the interview. When one is attending a job interview, they are there because they need a good career, either to start or shift to. Hence getting a positive outcome is crucial. The pressure is on and they are forced to give answers that should impress the person sitting across the desk.

For the person interviewing, they have to analyze and judge a stranger based on a few questions. The questions have to be framed and asked in a certain way, so that professionalism can be maintained. If the answers irritate them or irk them, they cannot express freely and should sit with a straight face. They have to select a person for that position and they will be responsible if that person under delivers in the future.

Would You Rather

Would you rather questions can reveal a lot about the person. They help you understand the person in a short span of time. Here are a few Would you rather questions for adults that can be asked in an interview to understand them better. These can be rather odd questions to ask in an interview.

  1. Would you rather be late to an interview, or cut across the car and curse your interviewer, on the road to reach on time?
  2. Would you rather be drunk at an interview or high in an interview?
  3. Would you rather be interviewed by a hot girl/guy or by a dumb person?
  4. Would you rather mess up in the personal interview or the group discussion?
  5. Would you rather have a positive feedback that can increase your team score or a negative feedback that can help you improve the next time?
  6. Would you rather get an award that makes people in the management recognize you or get a promotion you have been working hard for, for the last few months?
  7. Would you rather drug your boss or the client during a presentation to the client for pitching a new product, which you forgot to prepare for?


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Make The Fake Note Illegible

“You have handwriting as a doctor”. This statement is something that most people with a bad handwriting have to hear day in and day out. So make sure that when you sign to fake a doctors note for excuses sign it as illegibly as you can. The doctors mostly have a bad handwriting and they tend to pay a secretary to do various office jobs. The bad handwriting is legendary and so you need to make sure that when you are faking a doctor’s certificate you make sure that it is not very readable. Now the bonus to this is that in case the one who checks your document cannot read the sign, he will not be able to call the doctor.

The best way to go about is to try to sign the template with a non-dominant hand. That means that you can try to sign with your left-hand if you a right handed person and vice versa. Also try to write as fast as possible. Make your fingers numb so that the signature is not very legible. Signing a fake doctor’s certificate also needs you to be creative.

You should also make sure that the format of the template is changed if you change the doctor. If you are wondering of ways to make the fake medical record look like a real template from a real hospital, then you should try reading medical reports from offices over the country. You will be able to observe that there may be some trends and tendencies in a particular region and one office may have its set format. But in general the medical records are not standardised. They can look very different when you scroll through one file from the other. So if you are using the same doctor each time then use the same formatting. However, if you use different doctors ensure that you change the template.…

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How to Make Money with Your Woodworking Skills

How to make money with your love of woodworking? Can it be true or am I just going to fool you into buying a how-to book and video series? Well, the answer is yes. As in yes, you can make money with your current hobby of working with wood.

The secret to making money in woodworking is playing to your strength. If you are most adept at building cabinetry, then focus on building cabinets. If your woodworking strength lies in delicate hand carving, then a carver you should become. Begin the job of looking to make woodworking a career by being honest with yourself about how well things turn out in your woodworking shop.

Outdoor Furniture

The nice thing about making a living by building outdoor furniture is that most of this type of wood furniture requires little finishing. You can also make outdoor furniture by using less expensive species of

wood, which keeps your costs down. One of the best ways to get started selling outdoor wood furniture is through appearances at craft fairs and outdoor festivals. Many people will make an impulse buy thanks to the release of endorphins associated with attending these types of events.

Antique Reproduction

Not everybody can afford to own actual antiques, or purchasing the best chain saw, but many people would like to have furnishings that scream out a certain time period. Original reproductions of things like Shaker or Queen Anne style furnishings can be quite the lucrative investment for the woodworking looking to make a living off his talent. The key to outselling commercially made antique reproductions lie in the fine details. The more details you can make the furnishing, the more likely it will sell for a good amount.

Custom Furniture

The field of customer furniture can be quite lucrative for the woodworker who knows how to take on the demands of customers and provide them with exactly what they were looking for. Among the custom furniture you might be called upon to make are irregular-sized cabinetry, entertainment centers, work desks or furniture suitable for the obese.

Furniture Restoration

Restoring old furniture is a good career path for the woodworker who is much better suited at making an existing object look good than he is creating a wood object from nothing but a piece of lumber. If you have a talent for sanding, finishing, antiquing or staining, you can still get a piece of the woodworking pie.

Bowl Making

People love a bowl made from a single piece of wood. Buy yourself a lathe and educate yourself on wood turning so that you can create an array of variously sized wood bowls. Sell these at craft fairs and you may be able to quit working Monday through Thursday and just enjoy your three-day work week.…

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Educational Marketing Done Better With Videos

A picture talks a thousand words. A video talks a million. This is why connecting with people all over the world becomes so much simpler if you have a video in place. Take for example the ecommerce industry. When they have to market their products, product images and product descriptions are mandatory. But having a product demo video just ups the ante. A similar result is visible even when education marketers use videos. Educational institutes now widely adopt videos for their marketing due to the following benefits offered:

You can now make better videos easily:

Capturing great videos is now simpler with the advent of new and easy to use camera and equipment. We now have efficient video recorders that capture detailed professional quality videos. Professional video editing software and tools are also easily available. So, anyone can make a great video presentation with the right tools and equipment. It is also less expensive than it was in the past.

Videos convey with clarity:

Than scrolling through a hundred pictures audience would find it easier to watch a single video. This gives them a clearer perspective of what is being conveyed. This helps establish a clarity of information being put forward.

When done right, video marketing proves fruitful:

The key is to understand the type of content that your target group prefers. If yours is a school offering primary education then the audience would mainly be parents of kids. For higher education institutions the actual students would be viewing the videos. Keep this in mind and frame a great video content. Video promotions are pretty simple these days. Video promotion on YouTube is not just simple but also gives you better results. This would help you reach a wider group of audience in a short period of time. This would also turn out to be a cost effective marketing strategy.


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Payment – Existing Employees Vs. Exiting Employees

Money is around which everything and everybody functions. It is for this money that all of us slog and strain the whole day. But there is a beaming smile inspite of all the strains and tensions on the last day of the month to see your bank accounts going high up in number, right?. This is when you are with your employer and the business you are working with. But what if you are sent out or you quit the job for some reasons? What will happen to your money? How will you get it? This payment that is made to you as an existing employee becomes your last and final payment as an outgoing employee.

In fact, this last payment is going to be bulky because the employee gets to receive all that has been saved by the company for the employee and hence comes to him as a lump sum. This amount includes his actual salary for the month, vacations saved, bonuses, accrued income etc… But if you feel that the company or the business is not doing justice to you in making this payment, then you always have the employment and the labor laws to support out; get help with your final paycheck here.

Similarly, the employers also have certain rules and laws for supporting them in case there is something wrong from the employee`s side. There are a few who might not collect their payment on time or deny collecting it for some reason. In such cases, the company is not bound to pay for the days delayed by the employee. And it also has the right to sue the employee for delaying it for so long.

So there are rules for both the business and its employees supporting each of them at times of crisis. This is very important for all the businesses to function smoothly, ethically and authentically.…

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The Law Of Attraction – Bigger Muscles!

Men always find themselves attractive with strong arms, abs, and a barrel chest. They also think that finding a girlfriend is easier with big muscles. But is it true? Yes. That is what research says too.

Testosterone and Its Effects

From the time of puberty, the testosterone levels in the male body increase and reaches its peak. When the levels of this hormone are in an optimized state, males look attractive and experience sexual motivation. But this level starts to decrease after 30 years of age. While higher levels of testosterone mean that there is a strong sexual appetite and the physique is more athletic in nature, the reverse happens to those with low testosterone levels.

The Key

If a man has high Testosterone levels, it motivates him to find a partner. This is just the work of the sex hormone and it makes them look attractive to the potential partners. At the same time, a person looks less attractive to females when he is having a low testosterone level. A study has proved that the more the masculine features are felt, the more the females are attracted to the male and this is highly due to the testosterone levels.

So, if you want to get attracted by a female, using a test-booster for building muscle is a better idea. Not only that, men with high testosterone levels always selected females with feminine features. Another interesting fact is that women can ‘smell’ the high levels of testosterone in a man’s body. A type of chemical called androstenone is produced in a man’s body who has high levels of testosterone. This smell makes them look more attractive to women. This has even led to informal dates in many cases. So, what are you waiting for? Check your T-levels and find out if you are an attractive male.…

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