Interviews can be nerve wrecking, for both the person being interviewed and the one interviewing.

The one being interviewed is being judged, analyzed and gauged against various parameters in a short span of time. The answers he gives will determine the outcome of the interview. When one is attending a job interview, they are there because they need a good career, either to start or shift to. Hence getting a positive outcome is crucial. The pressure is on and they are forced to give answers that should impress the person sitting across the desk.

For the person interviewing, they have to analyze and judge a stranger based on a few questions. The questions have to be framed and asked in a certain way, so that professionalism can be maintained. If the answers irritate them or irk them, they cannot express freely and should sit with a straight face. They have to select a person for that position and they will be responsible if that person under delivers in the future.

Would You Rather

Would you rather questions can reveal a lot about the person. They help you understand the person in a short span of time. Here are a few Would you rather questions for adults that can be asked in an interview to understand them better. These can be rather odd questions to ask in an interview.

  1. Would you rather be late to an interview, or cut across the car and curse your interviewer, on the road to reach on time?
  2. Would you rather be drunk at an interview or high in an interview?
  3. Would you rather be interviewed by a hot girl/guy or by a dumb person?
  4. Would you rather mess up in the personal interview or the group discussion?
  5. Would you rather have a positive feedback that can increase your team score or a negative feedback that can help you improve the next time?
  6. Would you rather get an award that makes people in the management recognize you or get a promotion you have been working hard for, for the last few months?
  7. Would you rather drug your boss or the client during a presentation to the client for pitching a new product, which you forgot to prepare for?