How to make money with your love of woodworking? Can it be true or am I just going to fool you into buying a how-to book and video series? Well, the answer is yes. As in yes, you can make money with your current hobby of working with wood.

The secret to making money in woodworking is playing to your strength. If you are most adept at building cabinetry, then focus on building cabinets. If your woodworking strength lies in delicate hand carving, then a carver you should become. Begin the job of looking to make woodworking a career by being honest with yourself about how well things turn out in your woodworking shop.

Outdoor Furniture

The nice thing about making a living by building outdoor furniture is that most of this type of wood furniture requires little finishing. You can also make outdoor furniture by using less expensive species of

wood, which keeps your costs down. One of the best ways to get started selling outdoor wood furniture is through appearances at craft fairs and outdoor festivals. Many people will make an impulse buy thanks to the release of endorphins associated with attending these types of events.

Antique Reproduction

Not everybody can afford to own actual antiques, or purchasing the best chain saw, but many people would like to have furnishings that scream out a certain time period. Original reproductions of things like Shaker or Queen Anne style furnishings can be quite the lucrative investment for the woodworking looking to make a living off his talent. The key to outselling commercially made antique reproductions lie in the fine details. The more details you can make the furnishing, the more likely it will sell for a good amount.

Custom Furniture

The field of customer furniture can be quite lucrative for the woodworker who knows how to take on the demands of customers and provide them with exactly what they were looking for. Among the custom furniture you might be called upon to make are irregular-sized cabinetry, entertainment centers, work desks or furniture suitable for the obese.

Furniture Restoration

Restoring old furniture is a good career path for the woodworker who is much better suited at making an existing object look good than he is creating a wood object from nothing but a piece of lumber. If you have a talent for sanding, finishing, antiquing or staining, you can still get a piece of the woodworking pie.

Bowl Making

People love a bowl made from a single piece of wood. Buy yourself a lathe and educate yourself on wood turning so that you can create an array of variously sized wood bowls. Sell these at craft fairs and you may be able to quit working Monday through Thursday and just enjoy your three-day work week.