“You have handwriting as a doctor”. This statement is something that most people with a bad handwriting have to hear day in and day out. So make sure that when you sign to fake a doctors note for excuses sign it as illegibly as you can. The doctors mostly have a bad handwriting and they tend to pay a secretary to do various office jobs. The bad handwriting is legendary and so you need to make sure that when you are faking a doctor’s certificate you make sure that it is not very readable. Now the bonus to this is that in case the one who checks your document cannot read the sign, he will not be able to call the doctor.

The best way to go about is to try to sign the template with a non-dominant hand. That means that you can try to sign with your left-hand if you a right handed person and vice versa. Also try to write as fast as possible. Make your fingers numb so that the signature is not very legible. Signing a fake doctor’s certificate also needs you to be creative.

You should also make sure that the format of the template is changed if you change the doctor. If you are wondering of ways to make the fake medical record look like a real template from a real hospital, then you should try reading medical reports from offices over the country. You will be able to observe that there may be some trends and tendencies in a particular region and one office may have its set format. But in general the medical records are not standardised. They can look very different when you scroll through one file from the other. So if you are using the same doctor each time then use the same formatting. However, if you use different doctors ensure that you change the template.